Ratislav Chovanec, Slovak Vice Minister for Economy, has visited Calearo's headquarter in Isola Vicentina


On Monday 15 of May Slovakian Vice Minister for Economy visited our headquarter in Isola Vicentina and met our president Massimo Calearo Ciman. The visit took place in occasion of the forum related...

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A scholarship named after Alessio Calearo, Founder of Calearo Antenne


Calearo Antenne wants to promote culture and academic excellence establishing a scholarship named after its founder, Alessio Calearo. The scholarship aims to reward those students graduating in 2017 that...

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Calearo Antenne to be partner of 1000 Miglia - Vicenza Stage


The 2017 Edition of 1000 Miglia will take place between May 18 and May 21st.The historic round trip race, from Brescia to Rome and back, will pass through the city center of Vicenza on the evening of May...

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