Omnidirectional Array 4G Full LTE 5m SMA m - P/N 8610138

Omnidirectional Array 4G Full LTE 5m SMA m
Omnidirectional Array 4G Full LTE 5m SMA m

Omnidirectional extended band high gain antenna. An exclusive array radiating element allows to have a high gain on all bands, excellentomni-directionality and compact dimensions. Complete coverage ofLTE band, LTE 800 + LTE 2600, as well as GSM, DCS, UMTS andWLAN makes it unique in its kind. The unique built-in clamp system,allows pole and wall mount without the extra accessories. The monolithicconstruction of the radiating element and the use of UV stabilizedthermoplastic material makes this antenna suits extreme weather conditionslike high mountains or marine areas. The integrated connectioncable, can be customized in length and type of connector.

Omnidirectional Antenna on mast/wall mounting with FULL LTE - GSM - UMTS - WIFI

LTE800, GSM, UMTS, WiFi, Bluetooth, WiLan, LTE2600 Omnidirectional Antenna

LTE800 790 - 862 MHz
GSM 900-960
DCS 1.710 - 1.880 MHz
UMTS 1920-2170 MHz
WiFi - Bluetooth 2.400 - 2.500 MHz
WiLan 2.500 MHz
LTE2600 2.600 - 2.700 MHz

Gain 5 dBi for GSM 900&1800 and LTE 800
6 dBi for UMTS
5 ÷6 dBi for WLAN and LTE
Polarization Vertical
Max Power (CW) @ 30°C
20 Watt for GSM 900 and LTE 800
10 Watt for GSM 1800 & UMTS
6 Watt for WLAN & LTE
VSWR < 2.4 for GSM 900, DCS and LTE 800
< 2.0 for GSM 1800 & UMTS, WLAN & LTE
Cable 5m type CO100 Low Loss Ø 5 mm white
Connector SMA m
Overall dimension 33,5 x 16,5 x 14,5 cm
Weight 550 g
Mast(Ø 25÷42 mm) and wall mount